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Invited speakers

The following speakers are confirmed to give presentations at the conference.

Prof. X. Bao (China)
"Catalysis Chemistry of the Nano-Confined Systems"

Prof. A.T. Bell (USA)
"Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Isolated-Site Catalysts: Lessons for Nanocatalysis"

Prof. V.I.Bukhtiyarov (Russia)
"Size Effects in Catalysis by Metallic Nanoparticles"

Prof. G. Centi (Italy)
"Opportunities and problems in developing an advanced nano-architecture in metal-oxide catalysts"

Prof. K. Domen (Japan)
"Efficient utilization of nanospace of layered metal oxides as strong solid acid catalyst"

Prof. Jean-Pierre Gilson (France)
"Selective Ring Opening of naphthenic molecules: on the road to upgrade FCC gasoil in a high quality diesel fuel?"

Prof. D.W. Goodman (USA)

"Catalysis by Au and Au Alloys: From Single Crystals to Nanoparticles"

Prof. Z. R. Ismagilov (Russia)
"Synthesis, structure and properties of the nitrogen doped nanosrtuctured carbon materials for PEMFC cathode catalysts"

Prof. Rajiv Kumar (India)
"CdS nanocrystallites immobilized over hydrophobic polymeric surface as stable photocatalysts for water splitting using visible light"

Prof. Harold H. Kung (USA)
"Synthesis strategies to design structures for catalytic applications"

Prof. Johannes A. Lercher (Germany)
"Catalytic chemistry of hydrocarbons in confined spaces"

Prof. G. Q. Max Lu (Australia)
"Hollow Spheres of Mesoporous Silica and PMOs: Encapsulation and Catalysis Applications"

Prof. Claude Mirodatos (France)
"Nano-materials (catalysts and adsorbents) high throughput preparation and characterisation"

Prof. P. Stair (USA)
"What Resonance Effects in Raman Spectroscopy Can Teach Us About Catalysts"

Prof. B. -L. Su (Belgium)
"Hierarchically Porous Single Nanocatalysts: Design and Promise"

Prof. Dr. Rutger A. van Santen (The Netherlands)
"Transition states of NH,CH and OH bond activation"

Prof. B. M. Weckhuysen (The Netherlands)
"An eye on the inside of zeolite crystals in the act: Studying Brønsted acidity with in-situ micro-spectroscopy"

Prof. M. Witko (Poland)

"Active Sites at Vanadium Pentoxide Surfaces. Ab initio DFT Studies"

Prof. Jackie Yi-Ru Ying (Singapore) 
"Nanostructure Processing of Advanced Catalytic Materials"

Dr. Yong Wang(USA) 
"Bimetallic Steam Reforming Catalysts for Hydrogen Production"

Prof. Tao Zhang(China) 
"One-pot synthesized metal- and metal carbides-incorporated mesoporous carbons and their catalysis investigations"

Pre-conference of the 14th International Congress on Catalysis, July 9-12, 2008